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Why Come to Peterborough?

Comuni-co Peterborough

We think that Peterborough is the perfect location to come and study English.

It is one of the fastest-growing cities in England, but its town centre is easy to get around on foot and combines high-quality shopping with a growing number of restaurants and bars offering a genuine English experience.

The city is big enough to offer a range of fun, practical activities for students, but is still easy to get around. Peterborough and its surrounding areas boast a rich local heritage, with museums dedicated to its Bronze Age, Roman and medieval past. Other historical cities like Cambridge, Nottingham and Lincoln can be reached by road or rail in under an hour. Regular trains make it even easier to visit London. The best way of exploring the city’s many green spaces is on its extensive network of cycle paths.

There’s plenty of work here, too, with bars and restaurants, warehouses and a whole range of established companies often seeking new employees.

Peterborough City College

More often than not, our courses are held at Peterborough City College, located in the town centre, only five minutes away from all the main amenities. These classrooms are  large, airy, and well equipped. The students have easy access to the college canteen and the cafeteria as well as the large green area outside

Our Office and Classroom is only a 15 minute walk from the city centre. This is used for our small group courses; it offers all basic facilities with an outdoor area. The buses, into and from the town centre are frequent with the bus stop on the doorstep.

Comuni-co Peterborough School